The Self-Publisher’s Solution: Learn the 5 Biggest Mistakes Aspiring Self-Published Nonfiction Authors Make And How To Avoid Them To Attract More Readers, Build Your Influence and Earn Your First $5,000 (Even On A Limited Budget).

A 5-day self-publishing course that details the keys to creating a professional nonfiction bookThe essential elements that will make your book stand out from the restA simple strategy to attract more readers by writing nonfiction the “correct” wayThe priceless marketing strategy that costs practically nothingOutside-the-box methods to build your influence and earn money

Everything you need to become a nonfiction self-published pro (while earning key opportunities)!

Written by Deante Young, author and self-publisher of 6 nonfiction books, including a bestselling, ghostwritten memoir for a public figure. And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

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Day 1: Making Your Book Look Like a Winner. (Don’t undermine the greatness of your book by only writing an excellent manuscript)!Day 2: How to Give your Book the Right “Face.” (If it’s not done correctly, most potential readers won’t even pick your book up).Day 3 The Proper Way to Approach Writing Nonfiction. It may come as a surprise, but your readers don’t really care about your story or your topic. (I'm going to show you how you can get your words out and serve your readers effectively).Day 4 Your Affordable Marketing Strategy. Many aspiring self-published writers believe that marketing requires a lot of resources. (I will educate you on how to do it with resourcefulness).Day 5: Discover Your Book’s Hidden Opportunities. (I will reveal several key strategies that will build your influence and earn opportunities you wouldn’t imagine).

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